Spirit Of Three - nest 2017

Match 2017 (EN)

I've met Sylvia, her Ice and his breeder Sigrid a few years ago for the first time. Since then I was always pleased when I could interact about breeding, lines and our dogs with Sigrid and Sylvia. I always admired Sigrid for her knowledge and how she handled her dogs, I hoped once I could own a dog from her kennel.


When Elena was little, we met eachother in Germany and Sylvia was a bit annoyed she couldn't find the right partner for her Ice. He had a lot of interest, but not the kind Sylvia wanted. When I told her about my breeding plans with Elena, she was immediately interested, but I had our Diego in mind. We were devastated when we had to let him go.


I changed my plans a few times along the way, searching for the right combination. Became familiar with different kind of lines. At the end of september 2016, I changed it for the last time to Ice, one of my all time favourite. Sylvia agreed.


We made an agreement, taking care of the blanks (and there were a few) and I applied Ice for acceptance as a foreign studdog with the BCCN (Dutch Border Collie Club) and also the match with the believes Sylvia and I had. We are very pleased and excited, they accepted the match, a confirmation what we are trying to achieve.


Elena means Torch or Link in Spanish. Ice is the opposite, water in frozen asset.
Together we think is the right combination, they complement eachother.

Elena is like fire in her character, she is a passionate dragonlady. If she loves you, you are her everything. She will do everything for you. Until now, she has seen the sheep just a few times. She is not made for few sheep, she likes if there are a lot. Like her mother. Her bosslady is not the right person to go to the sheep with her. Elena is so focussed on her, she hasn't got eyes for the sheep if they are working with them. There is certainly more to gain here in the future. A very fast, driven bitch, who can jump real high with a real ease. She is free by testing.

Ice is a dog, who is already a bit older. He is an open and loveable creature, who likes to cuddle a lot. At home he is the undisputed leader. With his bosslady, he herds a group of sheep on a regular basis. What I love about him, is how he carries himself and his character. He is free by testing and by parentage.


This match, we think will be an add to the breed and gives room for the start of a new line.

We expect relaxed, very social, open and loveable pups, who are willing to please their owners, who can be a member of the family. With the herding lines behind Elena and Ice his work with the sheep, we think there is potential with the little ones. They also can be a great asset to other sports.


All whelps have found their homes.